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Blog Marketing

Establishing personal relationships with customers is the strongest bond your business will have, and this is most easily done through blog marketing. As the name implies, blog marketing is self-promotion through a business’s own blog. More than a regularly updated website can offer, blogs are seen as personal, and people see them as the product of one person dedicated to entertaining or informing them.

Why Does Your Business Need Blog Marketing?

Two reasons: 1) because blog marketing is done on your website and thus accessible by anyone, and 2) because blog length and subject are 100% under your control. Some people don’t like Facebook, others don’t understand Twitter. But your blog is on your website. Anyone visiting your website to learn about your company or make a purchase will be exposed to your blog, and anyone who has found or heard about your blog and visits it will be exposed to your website immediately. Additionally, unlike 140-character Tweets, blogs give you the freedom to produce longer, quality content. A blog is a direct avenue to show everyone expertise in your industry and dedication to communicating with customers.

Blog Marketing

  • Conduct research on 25 blogs based on industry, keyword and geographic location to become familiarized with each client
  • Build a contact spreadsheet of target bloggers for creating opportunities through interaction and networking
  • Comment on relevant blog posts to establish relationships
  • Draft custom messages for each blogger to solicit an action
  • Contact bloggers with a custom message and a call to action so they engage and familiarize themselves with the product / service
  • Solicit coverage of your brand to spread awareness and knowledge
  • Deliver reports of all results and statistics to demonstrate improvement throughout the campaign

Socialated’s bloggers are also highly trained in Website Optimization, which means we not only blog quality content, we blog quality content that is keyword-rich. Keywords are what search engines want to see, and by blogging keyword-rich will increase the chances someone searching something related to your business or industry finds your blog.
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