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Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves creating and sharing free content to attract prospects and turn customers into repeat customers. The specific content depends on what your business sells or offers, but should always be informative, entertaining, or (preferably) both.  A rule of thumb is that all Content Marketing should present a problem related to customers’ lives or an industry issue, and solve it.  Content Marketing is not about intrusive advertising as TV and radio commercials are. It’s about creating and sending informative content that makes you seem trustworthy, knowledgeable, and concerned. Effective Content Marketing builds a strong relationship over time between business and prospect or customer that is built on their trust and your authority.

There are several ways to do Content Marketing: emails, email newsletters, blogs, videos/video tutorials, white papers, and free reports. In each case, the content must be easily accessible, well-made, and routinely updated.

Content Marketing vs. Copywriting

Lots of people tend to confuse the two, or they think they’re the same marketing strategy. Copywriting is the technique behind using words (written or spoken) to convince people to buy a product or service in the short amount of time a copywritten ad is seen or heard. Copywriting techniques are often used for Content Marketing emails, white papers, videos, etc., but the purpose of Content Marketing isn’t to convince someone on the spot. Content Marketing is about repeated exposure and building a relationship based on trust and credibility over time. Content Marketing is foundational and expectational. It slowly draws in prospects and past customers, makes them want to receive more content, and allows for multiple conversion opportunities instead of attempting one broad-sweeping attempt through pure copywriting.

Content Marketing Strategy

Your business’s marketing strategy needs to be both informative and persuasive. If content marketing doesn’t make the prospect or customer believe your business is truly an expert in the industry, and if your content is sloppily written or not straightforward, then no one will want to do business with you. Each serves a distinct purpose, one being immediate conversion and the other being multiple conversions over time, and increasing your business’s customer base will more than likely require both.

Content Marketing Services – Experience and Expertise

Socialated’s Content Marketers are highly trained in copywriting, so we can provide informative and/or entertaining content that is persuasive and adaptable to your business’s industry. Specifically, Socialated will blog with keyword rich, high value content (see here); produce emails, white papers or videos with themes such as “About the Industry”, “Explaining [Industry Problem]“, and “Dos and Dont’s”; and produce case studies and customer testimonials to share with clients.

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