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Email Marketing

Most people view email marketing as little more than spamming. These people are usually right because most email marketing is done incorrectly. Spamming via email is sending a large number of random people uninteresting, non-interactive, poorly crafted messages that offer nothing for the recipient. Socialated’s effective email marketing focuses on our own Announce, Encourage, or Inform (AEI) approach. Emails that lead to conversions or grow your proprietary permission-based marketing lists must have at least one of the following purposes:

  • Announcing special offers, discounts, or business updates that customers benefit from
  • Encouraging the readers to participate in something like viewing a website, voting in poll, or joining a contest
  • Informing potential and previous customers with entertaining, and/or educational advertisements or content (see Content Marketing)

AEI is about communication, not spamming, and delivering a message that focuses on the recipient’s potential opportunities, benefits, or gains.

Open Rates: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Open rates are the percentages of emails recipients open. The number of opened emails is measured by adding the number of recipients who clicked links in the email, the number who replied to the email, and the number of times images in the email were enabled. Open rates are extremely telling of the return on investment of email marketing as well as a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

When deciding to invest in an email marketing campaign, consider these open rates statistics:

  • Highest Open Rates by Industry: (Banking (16.8%), Non-Profit (16.1%), Consulting (15.9%), and Small Business (15.9%)
  •  Smaller Lists Outperform Larger Lists: Average open rate for 25-499 members was 28%, for 500-999 members 22.3%, and for 1000+ members 12.2%
  • Small List Leaders: Transportation (51.6%), Religious (37.3%) and Retail (33.3%)
  • Medium List Leaders: Retail (36.2%), Religious (31.2%), and Real Estate (30.7%)
  • Large List Leaders: Banking (16.4%), Transportation (16%), Non-Profit (15.8%), and Small Business (15.8%)
  • First Hour After Delivery is When Most Opens Occur
  • Emails Delivered Between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Have Highest Open and Click Rates

Email Newsletters: Quality Content, Not Spam

Email marketing is by no means easy. Everyday over 300 million emails are sent and most of them are marked as spam and deleted without ever being opened. Once the hurdle of getting your business’s email opened is passed, the next step is providing quality content. This is where email newsletters, the most popular type of online marketing content, comes in.

Socialated knows graphic design, copywriting, and marketing — the ingredients necessary for intellectually and visually stimulating content. Newsletters generate leads, grow your audience, engage prospects and current clients, and build a trusting relationship between your business and readers.

What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails aren’t so much about advertising or informative content, as they are about continuous contact. A transactional email is sent to someone because that individual has taken a direct action, been target of some type of action, or has not taken an action. For example, if you’ve ever received an email because you made an online account, someone followed you on Twitter, or you didn’t log into Facebook for several months, you’ve received transactional email. Other sources of transactional emails include email and password confirmations, “Thank you for [action]” messages, shopping cart abandonment, and weekly updates.

Transactional emails are usually automated, and once the programming has been set they usually involve little maintenance afterwards. They keep current and previous customers in a stream of information and updates that aren’t intrusive advertisements. They are therefore fast and easy ways to keep up customer contact and encouraged customer retention and loyalty.

Email Marketing Service – Experience and Expertise

Socialated knows email marketing inside and out. We specialize in generating unique and engaging newsletters and other forms of content, in lead nurturing, increasing subscriptions and proprietary permission-based marketing lists, and amass emails when clients register with your website or do business with you.

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