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Facebook is the definition of online social networking. It’s a one-stop destination for its users to display, send, and comment on information, photos, and messages. Essentially, it’s a public forum, photo album, journal, and email all in one.

Why Does Your Business Need Facebook?

With over 900 million users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Plus, people spend an incredible amount of time on the site – 1 out every 8 minutes spent online is on Facebook. Having a well-run Facebook page is therefore crucial to a business’s marketing success.  By creating a page for your business, Socialated will be able to display and send any type of information – ads, promotions, pictures, and updates – to hundreds, thousands, or millions of clients and potential clients. In addition, Facebook’s recent updates, like Timeline and Premium Ads, have made advertising more available and interactive.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Socialated offers a wide-range of Facebook-related advertising and marketing services, including updating the page with relevant content 5 times per week; optimizing your Facebook Timeline; and managing your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. You can also check out our Facebook Timeline strategy here!

Not Convinced?

Lots of business owners tend to think: “My customers don’t use Facebook” or “Our Facebook page has under a hundred likes, why bother?” The problem is, however, all of your clients are on Facebook, and you aren’t. Need proof? Check out these Facebook figures:

  • 93% of all US adults have a Facebook page
  • Average time spent on Facebook is 11 hours per month (Bureau of Labor and Statistics)
  • More than half of small businesses agree Facebook is an effective marketing tool
  • Average number of “likes” per post on a brand’s Facebook page is 54
  • Average number of comments per post is 9
  • Number of marketers who say Facebook is important to their success has increased 83% in two years (Hubspot)
  • Facebook is second to only email in the prefered way to share content online

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