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Graphic Design

Graphic Design refers to the creation or enhancement of any  drawn, photographed, or computer-generated image for the purpose of creating advertisements (print or online), logos and branding. It’s anything related to your business designed specifically for people to see.

Before people like something, they need to see something they like. Well-done, visually appealing graphic design creates the tone and mood of your company and its products or services. They don’t require the viewer to do anything and are preferable to chunks of text. Plus, considering that the average human attention span is 8 seconds, the visual is your website or promotional advertisement’s strongest (and perhaps only) shot at getting someone to move onto informative content and ultimately make a purchase.

Logo Creation

Think of a famous, multi-million or billion dollar business and what comes to mind? Coca-Cola’s signature script, McDonald’s’ golden rings, Playboy’s bunny.  Memorable logos and branding like these give businesses specific images with which customers can automatically associate a product or service, building brand loyalty and recognition. Your logo is the most important visual aspect of your business. It markets your product by being recognizable, building on itself to a point where you no longer need to market to gain recognition — who doesn’t know what McDonald’s is?

Just think, Apple’s oringal logo wasn’t the white bitten-apple, it was an ornate Isaac Newton sitting under a tree. It’s no surprise that around the same time Apple adopted it’s simplistic bitten-apple logo, it started becoming wildly popular and successful.

Graphic Design Services

At Socialated we understand the importance of the visual in any business’s success. We have highly trained graphic designers capable of creating or enhancing any visual requirement of any type of business. We design and produce everything from restaurant menus to landing pages to company logos. Whether it’s print or online, we know what appeals and what doesn’t, but we always make sure to establish a line of communication with our clients to make sure our graphic designs communicate what they want.
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