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Every second two new members join LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site. The 174+ million professionals who use LinkedIn, 80% of whom are directly in charge of business decisions,  do so to increase their own or their business’s online reputation and authority. After creating a professional profile, you can create large contact networks of people, called Connections, with whom you have worked with or for. Other LinkedIn features include joining professional and industry Groups, posting resumes, and interacting on LinkedIn Answers, a forum for posting questions and answers.

Why Does Your Business Need LinkedIn?

LinkedIn leads the Web professional social networking, and unlike most other social networking sites, it’s more serious and business-professional oriented. Few other sites compare to LinkedIn when it comes to generating leads. Hubspot reported that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook and Twitter combined, but that’s because LinkedIn is all about connecting to other businesses while other sites are about connecting to clients. LinkedIn’s Groups are the most powerful tool for generating leads and fostering lasting business relationships by allowing your business to engage in insightful and informative discussions. Groups offer you contact with members of a similar industry, topic or geographic region, and they afford your business the opportunity to promote itself without pitching products or services.

Business to Business Social Media

Socialated will increase your own or your business’s online authority and reputation by creating and managing your LinkedIn account, publishing professional content, making you a “LinkedIn expert” in relevant topics and services (restaurants, entrepreneurship, etc.), and connecting you with all existing clients in your data base. The goal of Socialated’s LinkedIn services is to make you, or your business, the go-to for potential clients seeking the products or services you offer.
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