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Website Conversion Improvement

It sounds backwards, but the best way to achieve success in highly competitive online media markets is to think “last things first.” Clicks are nice, but conversion is the name of the game! So you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to persuade and convert customers into sales or leads, before you begin driving traffic. Whether you need to test a single landing page, improve flow with a user experience audit, or refresh a tired website to beef up its marketing communications, design, and credibility, we can help.

Increase Website Conversion

According to a recent study by Nielsen/NetRatings, converts 12.8% of its visitors into sales. Compare this to the average conversion rate for e-commerce sites of 2-3%. Do you know how Amazon does it?  A little secret that 99% of online marketers (even most of the so called “experts”) don’t seem to understand is that the smartest, most successful online marketers and businesses invest as much time and money into improving conversion rates as they do in building traffic.
Ask yourself: “Do I spend more time and money building traffic than I do improving my website’s conversion rates?”

If so, then no matter how much quality development goes into your website and marketing, you won’t see any return on investment unless the increasing number of visitors are making purchases.

Website Conversion Rate

Why do companies like Amazon invest so much time, effort and money into improving conversion rates? Because even small improvements in your conversion rates can produce huge impacts on your bottom line. Often, boosting conversion rates by even 1% can double or triple the effectiveness and profitability of your traffic building efforts. This could be the reason your competitor can afford to bid 2 or 3 times as much on certain pay-per-click keywords as you can.

Let’s say your site converts 1% of your visitors into customers, and you earn a $100 profit on each sale. With those numbers the most you can afford to spend on each visitor is $1.00 per click. Now, if your competitor makes the same $100 profit and his website converts 2% of visitors into customers, your competition can afford to bid $2.00 per click to break even. Double your website’s conversion rate and you double the effectiveness of every marketing dollar spent.
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