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Internet Advertising

Paid Search involves making your business’s website or ads more visible on relevant search engine result pages or on social media sites. Paid Search ads includes anything from text ads on Google’s or Bing’s results pages, to ads on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, to affiliate marketing. Internet users spend most of their time on search engines, and social media sites are a close second. Having your ads being the first that a potential customer comes across is therefore crucial and gives you the opportunity to advertise to a massive audience hundreds of millions in number.

Google AdWords

Google is the world’s most popular and largest search engine, and chances are if you are going to be found via paid search, it’s going to be on Google. Google AdWords is Google’s paid search platform. Essentially, they are the advertisements you see on the top, bottom, and sides of search engine results pages. Socialated focuses its search engine paid search campaigns primarily on Google AdWords, since they are the most effective, popular, and most far-reaching.

Paid Search vs. Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not the same thing, but they are equally important. Paid Search is a direct method of online advertising — if you pay the search engine or social media site a fee, you get your business’s website or advertisements in front of people’s faces. SEO refers to organic, or un-paid, search results that do not involve paying search engines or third party websites for increase ad visibility, and it is done primarily through manipulating website coding and increasing your online authority and presence. In other words, Paid Search is like cutting to the front of the SEO line, but without good SEO, the only way anyone will ever get to your website is through ads. Socialated’s overall search engine marketing approach coordinates Paid Search with SEO to increase your online authority and relevance, customer base, and number of conversions.

To learn more about SEO and Socialated’s SEO services see our Search Engine Optimization page.

Paid Search Management

Socialated’s Paid Search services include research, planning, and managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns in the form of Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing PPCs, and Social Media PPC Advertising on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. We track our data, which includes what keywords are working and which are not, daily and report back to our clients with out suggestions for tweaking paid search campaigns.


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