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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the most popular mode of online advertising. Advertisers bid for keyword phrases and top placement on search engines results pages, and each time the ad is clicked the advertiser pays the search engine or website that’s displaying the ad. Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Bing are the leading search engine PPC platforms, and PPC advertising on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are also extremely effective. PPC is the most effective paid search method that drives immediate traffic to your website.

Keywords: Pay-Per-Click Advertising’s Backbone

Keywords and keyword phrases are the backbone of any PPC campaign. They are the words and phrases that people search for on search engines. When you create PPC ads, you associate them with the keywords you bid on. Choosing the wrong keywords amounts to little more than wasting your time and money. That is why you need Socialated’s online marketing experts who are trained and Google Certified in selecting the right keywords. Socialated will work with you to determine which keywords best define your business and its products/services and what words people are searching when they want to find a business like yours. There is no exact approach to predetermining which keywords will work best, but Socialated continuously compiles and analyzes PPC data  to examine which keywords are working and which are not.

The more monitoring and adjusting, the more efficient your PPC campaign will be.

Google AdWords

With over 4 billion Google searches per day, Google AdWords are by far the most viewed ads anywhere in the world. Google AdWords are the ads you see on the top, right-hand side, and bottom of Google’s search results page. They are considered the most efficient and measurable PPC platform and the best way to immediately begin driving traffic to your website.

Social Media Pay-Per-Click

Hundreds of millions of people (over 900 million of Facebook and over 150 million on LinkedIn) use social networking sites, and they spend considerable amounts of time on them — 1 out of every 8 minutes spent online is on Facebook. Any type of advertisement on one of these sites will find their way onto a large number of people’s screens, but for small businesses PPC is the most effective form of social media advertising. Social media PPC campaigns return enormous amounts of data that tell us which ads and keywords are working, which types of people are responding to and sharing your ads, when and where these people are responding, and how to best restructure subsequent campaigns.

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