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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites let their users create and share website bookmarks. Often it is difficult for a business to increase its bookmarking popularity on social bookmarking sites. However, businesses can use social bookmarking sites for gathering information, sharing testimonials, and as an add-on for public relations campaigns. By looking up what the most people are bookmarking or recommending in relation to your business’s industry or business itself, you will know what people are interested in.

Popular Social Bookmarking Sites:

  • Digg: Digg is a site where people are able to vote “up” or “down” any website a user wants other users to vote on.
  • Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon is a site that recommends web content to its users based on information, tastes, and preferences they offer.
  • Reddit: Reddit is a “social news” site. Its users submit web content that is voted “up” or “down” by other users to determine the rank and position of the content on the site’s pages.

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