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Social Media Management

When consumers make decisions, coworkers, friends and “people like me” are trusted far more frequently than any other company or organization. Consumers are much more likely to make their next purchase based on a recommendation from a friend or customer review than from an advertisement. For the first time in history, technology has reached a point where every individual’s voice, opinion and referral can be heard. Through social media, this voice has become a powerful force influencing and changing the ways individuals, companies and communities behave.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

Increasing your brand presence in social media is becoming more significant each year as more and more people seek advice from their peers on the Internet regarding what they should think, buy and say. The need to incorporate individuals who are trusted or have the loudest voice has now become increasingly important. Establishing a relationship between your brand and the consumer is an integral marketing component for any business that maintains a website or consumer brand.

Let Professionals Manage Your Social Media Presence

Socialated creates customized social media campaigns for businesses, brands and organizations. Services include: targeted outreach to influential consumers, daily conversation and data collection. This means we build relationships with your customers, drive traffic to your business and deliver data to help you improve.
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