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Twitter is referred to as the “microblog”, but it packs a punch. Everyday over 340 million tweets — blog posts of less than 140 characters – are generated by Twitter’s 500+ million users. Advertising is not the goal on Twitter (though you can purchase Twitter ad units), communication is.

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is limited in features and very straightforward: Tweet whatever it is you want to let other people know, and if they like it they will spread the message. Updates, links, and retweets of consisting of only 20 words may seem ineffective in gaining followers and outreaching to target audiences, but considering the average human attention span is 8 seconds, 20 words are all people are going to read on any website, email, or flyer anyways.

Why Does Your Business Need Twitter?

Twitter is easy to use and tweets are easy to follow. Actively tweeting creates a sense of community around a brand, increasing your image as concerned with clients’ affairs, an expert in the industry, and always available. Plus, since tweets are so easily read on a mobile phone, people are constantly checking them when they’re board at work, stuck in traffic, or waiting in line. Good Twitter marketing campaigns aim to make people want to see your tweets, not scroll past them.

Twitter Marketing

Socialated’s Twitter marketing experts will manage your company’s Twitter account (or accounts), publish unique and relevant content daily, build a steady stream of followers, and link content to your landing pages and business Facebook profile. Other services include:

  • Create custom graphics for Twitter profile to provide a strong brand image for the company
  • Use specific keywords, calls to action and traceable link to optimize profile
  • Contact 10,000 targeted users per month to reach potential customers and inform individuals about the product / service
  • Target ideal locations and requested phrases to gather the correct readers for the company’s Twitter profile
  • Increase customer engagement to gain more followers
  • Build organic followers each month to achieve a stronger brand presence

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