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Web Analytics

Website analysis involves taking data about website traffic and conversions and making meaning of it. Important business decisions need to be based on hard data and thorough analysis rather than on guesses or gut instinct. Businesses with an online presence need to know how visitors find their way to their websites and which ones are converting. This enables you to know how much it costs to deliver and convert each visitor and which campaign strategy is producing the highest return per marketing investment.

Why Web Analytics?

If a business cannot measure the cost/benefit analysis of its promotional efforts it cannot make accurate decisions on how to market its product or service. Available 24/7, web analytics technology provides businesses access to the easiest and most thorough way to measure and maximize results. It breaks down your website’s statistics and organizes the data into categories that have real meaning to any business. More precise data allows you to make more informed and cost-effective decisions in how you increase your online presence, website traffic, and conversions.

Website Traffic is the Goal

After a thorough review of their website analytics, businesses should set and measure their website traffic and conversion goals. By rewording pages and updating keywords, testing and reevaluating businesses can use analytics to improve the conversion of traffic to customers. Socialated will get to know you, your business, and your online marketing goals so we can recommend the optimal combination of services to help you achieve your goals. Our staff manages the technology from which you have to choose — providing you with convenience, experience and the data you need to make informed decisions.
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