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Web Design

Web Development consists of all aspects involved with creating a website, including web design, web content, and web coding. With conversion and repeat visits in mind, Web Developers make websites informative and interactive. Web Design alone consists of the graphical and spacial aspects of a website’s layout. It deals with formatting a page’s graphic design and text to amplify what’s important and push toward conversion. Quality Web Design requires quality Web Development. Development lays the foundation of a website — its coding, structure, navigation, and other behind-the-scenes attributes that make it easier for web design to latch on to and be effective.

Why You Need Quality Web Design

Web Design ties everything together: text content, graphic designs, and advertisements. Messy, cluttered websites, no matter how great their components are, will turn off anyone. Viewers who don’t know what to look at, where to click, and what to read will never make a purchase. Many overly-complex and overly-simplistic websites commit web design errors because they don’t consider the three Ws of Web Design: What, Where and Why.

A viewer and potential customer must know what your website is about, where he or she is on your website, and why he or she is on the website or a specific page of your website. If any of these three is not present on every page of your website, your chances of increasing conversion rates and giving positive user-experiences are slim.

Miami Web Design Company

Socialated’s Web Designers are our Web Developers. That means we know how to make visually appealing websites that are also user-friendly, quality-content rich, and optimized websites. We are trained in Photoshop, After-Effects, Illustrator, and other graphic/video and web design programs that will help us make your website stand out among your competitors’ websites.
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