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YouTube, a site for uploading, viewing, and commenting on videos, is also the world’s second largest search engine (trailing only Google). In terms of social media marketing, YouTube offers a wealth of advertising opportunities, including pay-per-click, In-Stream, and In-Search ads. YouTube also allows its users to subscribe to other users profiles and be immediately updated when new videos are available.

Why Does Your Business Need to be on YouTube?

People are constantly on YouTube: they watch over 2 billion videos per day, upload 48 hours of video every minute, and have rated and commented on more than half of all existing videos. Clearly, people are much more likely to spend time watching a video than reading anything on a website. YouTube offers your business the opportunity to impress, inform and educate potential clients. Quality videos also give your past customers something to look forward to, which keeps your business in the back of their mind and likely to receive repeat business.

YouTube Advertising and Marketing

YouTube is a search engine and a social networking site, and it must be treated as such. Our  YouTube channel management covers both optimizing your videos to show up higher on search results lists, and increasing the popularity of your channel and videos. Specifically, we will respond to comments, post comments on other business-related videos everyday, increase awareness of and conversation on your YouTube channel, and drive subscribers to your business’s main website.

Don’t have music or videos but want to take advantage of YouTube? Don’t worry, because we have professional audio and video recording and editing capabilities in our offices. Or you can send us your own material and we will enhance video and audio quality, add voice overs or music, and add special video or audio effects. Plus, we will transfer all rights as “work for hire” to give you 100% ownership!
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